Mobile App

Do you love real estate as much as my mom?

As a member of the team at Keller Williams Realty, we have some really fun tools to help you find your next home. One of them is our mobile app, which unfortunately my Mom has developed a full-blown addiction to. She downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and spends every night looking for her next home. Apparently she is going to look at every home in Southern Maine.

This past weekend while Mark and I were cruising down the Songo River on our way to Rick’s Café with his parents, we passed a couple of nice camps and were wondering how much they were listed for (one of our dreams is a cottage on a lake or pond. Someday, right?)

Rather than write down contact information to look up later, all we had to do was open the app. It automatically showed us the exact camps we were looking at. Super easy and very cool. Even if you’re not actively looking, who doesn’t want to know more about a property now and then?

Now here’s the cool part: If you find a house you really like, you can click a button to send me a message and I can get you a showing ASAP! You don’t need to email me, call me, or be on a boat with me to get more info.

And you can send me all the messages you want. Except for you Mom. You need to get things under control.

So go on! Be nosey! Download the app and start looking!